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Slot Groupings

Slot Groups are manly a cosmetic system meant to wrap certain slots in specific parts the body as a way to better order specific sets of slots and act as an easy method to quickly move to such specific slots within the Accessories Screen.

Data Pack Format

Such files should be placed within the data/{replace_with_pack_namespace}/accessories/group/ with such .json file corresponding to the group name. Further updates may provide a trinket style screen depending on development issues with such. Below is details on the given format and an example of what such should look like:

  "replace": false,
  "order": 120,
  "slots": [
  "icon": "accessories:gui/group/any"
Field Keys
Data Type Description
"order" Integer The order number to which the group will appear within the Accessories Screen with lower being placed first and higher numbers being placed last
"slots" String[] The slot names to which belong to the given Slot Group
"icon" String The resource location of the given slot icon in which is used to find the texture within the block atlas

Last update: 2024-06-27