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Adjusting Slot Equability for an Accessory

Each Slot type has a predicate field that allows for the control of what can be equipped within an accessory slot allowing for either a custom programmatic method or data driven method using the included predicates. The base implemented slots provided by Accessories include the accessories:tag and accessories:component validators by default.

Item Tag

If a given Slot type has the accessories:tag predicate as one of the slot validators then you can put a given item within the tag for the given slot or within the accessories:all if such can be equipped within any slot. An example for the "hat" slot would be the item tag accessories:hat.

Slot Validation Component

If a given Slot type has the accessories:component predicate, such will attempt to use the accessories:slot_validation Item Component which can control the valid and invalid slots that the given ItemStack can be equipped within. More information pertaining accessories:slot_validation Item Component can be found within the ItemStack Data Components page of the wiki.

Attribute Relative

This validator takes into account the attributes from the accessory either though the main method on the Accessory implementation or accessories:attributes Item Component and looks at what slots the attributes are valid for which are then used as what valid slots such can be equipped into.

Custom Method

If the built-in validators do not work for your use case, you can register a custom predicate though the AccessoriesAPI#SlotBasedPredicate where you can register a custom implementation of SlotBasedPredicate.

Last update: 2024-06-27