oωo provides a highly flexible annotation-driven configuration system. It aims to be simple yet powerful and offers the following traits:

  • Highly Customizable

    Thanks to the screens being built using owo-ui, you can easily customize them by simply editing some XML - no code required. Even resource packs can do this!

  • Feature-Complete

    owo-config supports all your favorite features from Cloth Config and similar libraries. There are even some more features, like built-in option constraints, automatic registration with ModMenu as well as option callbacks

  • Simple & Quick to use

    Setting up a config with owo-config is about as boilerplate-free and quick as it becomes - you put an annotation on your class and load the config in your mod initializer (just like Cloth Config).

  • Safe

    owo-config supports automatic, opt-in server-client config synchronization. This means all your dynamic config options can always be the same on both sides, but it can also prevent players from connecting if they have a mismatched option which would require a restart to apply.

Last update: 2022-10-04