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Binding Slots to Entities

Accessories requires that each slot is bound to the desired entity types for the given the entities to have such slots. By default, the given implemented slots are bound to any entity type found within the accessories:defaulted_targets entity type tag which currently includes players and armor stands.

Data Pack Format

For other slots create it is required that you create a file within the data/{replace_with_pack_namespace}/accessories/entity/ with the given slots being added to the "slots" array. Below is details on the given format and an example of what such should look like:

  "replace": false,
  "entities": [
  "slots": [
Field Keys
Data Type Description
"slots" String[] An list of all slot names to be available to the given entities targeted
"entities" String[] A list containing either specific locations of entity types or an entity type tag prefix with a hashtag

Last update: 2024-06-27