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scatter edit <mod>

Edit a mod's entry in the database. This command launches an interactive session in which you can make edits without committing to any changes - type save to commit them or done to save and exit.


set <property> <value>

Update a single property of the mod being edited. Available properties are:

Property Description
name The display name of the mod
id The ID used to reference the mod in the database - changing this will forcefully save changes and exit
modloaders The modloaders the mod should be marked compatible with. Accepts multiple, comma separated values
artifact_directory The directory where scatter searches for artifacts to upload
filename_pattern A filename pattern by which to filter when searching the artifact directory
changelog_location The location of a file from which to read the changelog when uploading a new version
version_name_pattern The pattern by which to generate the name of versions when uploading, defaults to [{game_version}] {mod_name} - {version}

depmod <subcommand> <argument>

Manage the dependencies of the mod being edited. There are two possible subcommands:

  • depmod add <slug> <type>
    Add the mod with the specified slug to the dependencies, using the given type. This type must be one of optional, required and embedded

  • depmod remove <slug>
    Remove the mod with the specified slug from the dependencies

Last update: 2022-11-12