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scatter upload

The core command of scatter. Used to initiate the upload process. General syntax: scatter upload <mod id> [version] where version is optional


-o, --override-game-versions

Do not use the configured Minecraft versions. Instead, a prompt is shown into which you can enter the appropriate versions.


→ scatter upload <mod id> -o
Comma-separated game versions: 1.17,1.17.1,1.17.2

-f, --read-as-file

Always interpret the [version] argument as a file location. This is used to disable the artifact selection prompt and prevents scatter from making an attempt at interpreting said argument as a version. Instead, the given file will be uploaded without further checks.

Example: scatter upload <mod id> mod.jar -f

-c, --confirm

Do not upload to each supported host automatically. Instead, you can choose for each host individually whether the artifact should be submitted.


→ scatter upload <mod id> -c
Upload to Modrinth? [Y/n] n
Upload to CurseForge? [Y/n] n
Upload to GitHub? [Y/n] n

-r, --confirm-relations

Do not declare each dependency automatically. Instead, you can choose individually for each dependency whether it should be declared.


→ scatter upload <mod id> -r
Declare dependency '<dependency id>'? [Y/n] n

-l <mode>, --changelog-mode <mode>

Do not use the default changelog mode. Instead, use either editor, file or prompt.

Example: scatter upload <mod id> -l file

Last update: 2022-10-04