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Numismatic Overhaul

Welcome to the Numismatic Overhaul Wiki!

Useful Shortcuts

There are many useful shortcuts you can use to make your life easier when handling coins in Numismatic.

  • If you click the purse button while holding Shift, you can instantly deposit ALL coins in your inventory.

    • This ignores Money Bags, so you don't have to worry when keeping tally of a certain amount.
  • If you hold Shift while clicking the arrows in the purse, you can increase the counter in steps of 10 instead of 1.

  • If you want to withdraw every coin in your purse, simply hold Shift+Ctrl and click the withdraw button

Shop Blocks

The Shop Block is very useful for creating an economy with other players. For a reference on how they work, see their own page here.


You might want to configure certain aspects of Numismatic Overhaul, whether you are a player, a modpack developer, or server admin.
If you want to make or edit the villager trades, you need to make a Datapack following the data format seen on this page.

Some of the values are found in the Configuration file.
You can find this file named numismatic-overhaul.json5, in your .minecraft/config folder.

Dropped coins on death

By default you drop 10% of all the coins in your purse on death. To change this you only need to edit the gamerule moneyDropPercentage. You can do this when creating a world, or using the /gamerule command.

Example: /gamerule moneyDropPercentage 99 drops 99% of your coins on death.

Mob Drops

Only Pillagers in base Numismatic Overhaul drop currency. They randomly drop between 9 and 35 bronze coins, and occasionally a silver coin.

To add more mobs to this list, you need to add them to the following entity tag:

Moving the purse

The purse might not always be positioned correctly with other mods installed.
Look for the values purseX and purseY in your config file.

If you have Mod Menu installed, you can access the config via the "Configure" button.

Chest Loot

Numismatic Overhaul injects money bags into chest loot tables, which contain a varying amount of coins.
As of version 0.2.4, you are able to finely configure the amount of coins from structures via the config file.

Here is a list of the loot tables that are affected by the "Structure" option:

  • Bastion Treasure Chests
  • Buried Treasure Chests
  • Chests in Stronghold Corridors
  • Pillager Outpost Chests

Note: The "Dungeon Loot" option also affects Abandoned Mineshafts.

Last update: 2022-11-16