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scatter config

Edit scatter's configuration. Used for managing tokens as well as default game versions



Configure the access token for a host. After selecting the host, you can safely enter the token - it will not be shown. When hitting enter, the token is saved, overriding one that's already present.


→ scatter config --tokens
Platform: Modrinth CurseForge GitHub 
Token (empty to remove): 
info: Token for platform 'github' updated


Change the preferred changelog mode


→ scatter config --set-changelog-mode
Changelog mode: editor prompt file 
info: Default changelog mode updated to 'editor'


Export scatter's configuration and database as a bundle, without the saved tokens for security reasons. The bundle will be saved as scatter-config-export.json


→ scatter config --export
info: Config exported to 'scatter_config_export.json'

--import <file>

Import a scatter configuration bundle from the given file. This will replace the current configuration and database, so be mindful when you use this.


→ scatter config --import scatter_config_export.json
info: Config imported

--dump <type>

Dump the given configuration file as well as its location on disk to the console, mainly useful for debugging purposes. Accepted types are config, database and tokens - be careful with the last one as it will dump all your tokens in plain text


→ scatter config --dump config
    "default_target_versions": [
    "default_changelog_mode": "editor"
info: Config file location: /home/<user>/.config/scatter/config.json


Change the list of Minecraft versions with which all uploaded artifacts are automatically marked compatible

→ scatter config --default-versions
info: Editing default versions. Prefix with '-' to remove a version, leave empty to exit
info: Use '-' to clear, '#' to display current default versions
info: Current default versions: []
Version: 1.18.2
info: Version '1.18.2' successfully added to default versions

Last update: 2022-10-04